Our Products

We love creating products we use in our training and coaching practice and giving them back to the community. And give the community the ability to improve our products. Therefore, we have many products freely available in Github. Help us improve the games if you like!

Visit our repository and free downloads at

If you have any tips, ideas, or questions about these products, please reach out on one of our socials or the contact form on this site. For specific product feedback, you can also log an issue on GitHub. Thanks for your input!

If you’re more of the consumer type, you can visit our webshop to purchase the products available at

The products we sell are not to make money but to improve the use of Scrum. On each product, we make a profit of €2.50. This profit is used to support the unemployed and refugees by providing free training and activities with this fund. See our SF Foundation page for more details.

Presentation SKY Agile Day 2023

This presentation can be downloaded to support the Sky Agile Day 2023. As Scrum Facilitators, we like to disturb and show the community that things can be done differently with a greater learning outcome. One of the disruptions is that we don't use PPT for our workshops and courses. However, we do provide it after the course for reference :)

Scrum Accountabilities

The 2020 Scrum Guide describes the accountabilities of the Scrum Team. This exercise helps you explore and discuss where the primary accountabilities lie within Scrum.

Scrum Framework

The Scrum Framework poster is an opportunity to explain and inspect the Scrum Framework within your teams and your organization.

Measuring Outcome Card Set

This game is based on Evidence-Based Management (EBM). EBM is an empirical framework organizations can use to help measure the (perceived) product value and the way they deliver their product(s). Play the game with your team, Stakeholders or both to facilitate discussion around metrics and which metrics would give better transparency for your product's value and organization's agility.

Evidence-Based Management Gids

The Evidence-Based Management Guide has been translated by Sjoerd Kranendonk with help of the Scrum Facilitator Community. Download the PDF or collaborate on improvements on through Github.

DoD EvoCycle Canvas

The DoD EvoCycle, a Simple Technique to Effectively Manage your Definition of "Done". Use the canvas to facilitate discussion and track your ambitions to improve quality and transparency trough growing the DoD as a team. Print available soon (ask us)!

Product Management @ Scale

Scaling the product owner role is often a bottleneck when organisations scale. This game facilitates a conversation about product management activities, how to deal with them while ultimately sticking to the principle of one product owner per product and hopefully helps you identify the next steps in your organisation's scaling journey!

Scrum Myth or Fact Card Game

The game consists of 22 statements and 7 empty cards to use to your liking. Pick a card and discuss whether it is a Myth or Fact in Scrum. Discover what is and is not part of Scrum and how this reflects on your daily practice.

Scrum Myth or Fact Posters

The game consists of 22 statements on Scrum. Put up one poster each retrospective and let people vote with sticky notes, put the posters up around the office and see what happens, or facilitate a workshop with a few posters and generate insights for your community. When facilitating discussions, pick a statement and discuss whether it is a Myth or Fact in Scrum. Discover what is and is not part of Scrum and how this reflects on your daily practice.

Crafting a Sprint Goal

Crafting the Sprint Goal is by far one of the most challenging activities within the Sprint. The 2020 Scrum Guide has put more emphasis on crafting the Sprint Goal during the Sprint Planning. This poster helps you to discuss the flow in crafting a Sprint Goal.

Scrum Guide 2020 - NL Audio book

Listen to the Dutch translation of the 2020 Scrum Guide online or download it to enjoy offline in your favourite player.

Luister naar de Nederlandse vertaling van de 2020 Scrum Gids of download deze om offline te genieten in je favoriete speler. De knop is een directe download van de mp3. Meer formats en alle bronbestanden kun je vinden op Github .

Feedback of verbeterideeen? Geef ze graag via Github.

Liberating Structures Posters

13 out of the 33 Liberating Structures microstructures that we use in our classes. These 13 microstructures are completely digitalized, redesigned, and in high-definition, so basically you can print them in any format you want.

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