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Ching-Ching Chou
Freelance Scrum Master
I love the interaction of the training. Trainers with good knowledge, theory versus practice. Not only boring PPT sheets. It is all very helpful that the trainers are also consultants. Therefore use cases can be shared. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the training was given to few candidates and a big space. This way of training does provide you a safe feeling during the training.
Peter Gfader
Professional Scrum Trainer
Great content, great delivery and exercises w. large group.

Full disclosure, I am a PST. I enjoyed the advanced PSPO training a lot. The content was great and the delivery with exercises was just good, also for the size of the group (>20 people). The trainers were also very open and incorporated our feedback from day 1 into day 2.
Carlijn van Schaik
Young Professional Data & Analytics
A valuable training and huge recommendation! Ziryan, Chee-Hong and Swen-Peter are great and enthusiastic instructors. We were introduced to Scrum by building cities with Lego, which was a fun and interactive way to apply what we were learning. Thanks a lot!
Joshua Partogi
Professional Scrum Trainer
Kai and Sjoerd is a very effective Product Owner trainer. The pace was really good. I enjoy the class even though I had to sit in this at night time. There is good enough break.
Bamela Bil
Agile Transformation Consultant
I enjoyed two days PSPO-A training from Kai and Sjoerd. It was a fun and great course due to combination of examples Kai and Sjoerd shared what they experienced as well the way they facilitated this course with different breakout sessions. I also thought it was great balance and good energy between the two trainers even though the course was online.
Simone Drost
IT Project Manager
I really liked the class PSMII with Scrum Facilitators. Jasper and Chee-Hong did a great job facilitating the training online. A lot was discussed in breakout rooms, where we were able to discuss all kinds of agile topics. Because of the training, I really understood the essence of a professional scrum master, so the exam wasn’t too hard for me in the end!
Chrisma Kwashie
Delivery Manager
This training was really life-changing and I don't say that lightly - it was life-changing because it really challenged me to change my mindset and way of thinking and basically unlearn literally all I have learnt in my career thus far.

That's not a bad thing, but it's also not easy and Jasper and Steve acknowledged this. I absolutely appreciate how honest and open they both were about the practicalities of applying what we were learning to real life.

I have been on other professional training and attended seminars and lectures countless times and I can truly say this is one of the top if not the very best training I have ever attended. So engaging, so practical, very fun. I love the way the three trainers bounced off each other and it is clear they are in complete control of all that is happening. There's also a community that you immediately become a part of by being on this training and that's amazing, because it gives me confidence that as time passes and I encounter issues or have questions, I can always turn to the Scrum Facilitators for help.

I can't say enough about this training and the trainers, so suffice it to say that you will be HELLA glad you paid for it.

Steve, Jasper, Swen-Peter, Just want to say thank you again and I will definitely be in touch in the coming weeks and months as I try to put everything you taught me into practice :)
Armando Ramnares
Scrum Master
Personally the way of teaching is really important. You can always have a powerpoint slide and teach people the things that they have to know. But by playing random games and challenging each other with questions. you wont be learning only but also having fun and get know things even better.
Isabelle van Gulik
Strategy Director
It is a interactive course, where you really get to create and interact with fellow students. It gives you the fundament from which you can start to grow and continue to learn. Great exercises, lots of information and complementary sitelinks. Trainers Ziryan and Hong, both super experienced, take time and are willing to help you to make that next step.
Peter Glas
These energetic guys took us through the theory with lots of useful examples and exercises. Making it a very interactive and informative course. I can really recommend them!
Steven Brown
Product Owner
I really enjoyed the 2-day course and found it a really beneficial couple of days.

Steve and Ziryan were fantastic trainers, providing a wealth of experience and knowledge.

I was concerned before the course, it would be just an extended session looking at how to pass the certification and was pleasantly surprised with how to course was interactive and gave actual tools and techniques to use in the future.

I loved the multi-culture feel of the group and spending time with people situated in different countries, making some new connections and friends for the future.
Marios Lagos
Project Lead
One of the best classes I have ever had. Hong was very enthusiastic and well organized. His unique and interactive way of teaching conveyed the knowledge in a clear and effective way, seamlessly clarifying all concepts. More importantly he leads by example all the Scrum values. Great job!
Tzoe-Inn Chiam
Information Analyst
Followed the PSM2-training by Chee-Hong Hsia and Ilse Camphuis. They are able to create an invigorating, and thought-provoking learning environment using playful methods to stimulate new points of view and insights.
René Langelaan
Project Manager
Well done, because it is very difficult to keep participants connected using video conferencing. In my opinion, you did that very well by working interactively! Furthermore, it is very good to have trainers that put the theory into practice in the workplace.
Jeroen Koene
Agile Coach
It was a nice training that Jasper and Hong provided for us. Very interactive and making good use of Zoom and Mural. If you did your preparations up front and read a lot about Kanban and Scrum you will not hear a lot of new stuff but discussing how things will work in practise is definitely useful.
Katinka Graaff
Business Partner Informatievoorziening Sociaal Domein
What a wonderful experience, great trainers, lots a laughs and new ideas
Bart Foppele
Trainee Businesss IT & Data
The training organized by Hong Chee Hsia and Jenny Yung was a very fun, interactive and instructive training. The facilitators made sure the training stayed interesting the whole time. They shared a lot of experiences with their encounters of practicing scrum in de real business world. There were a lot of examples of Scrum best practices but also examples were Scrum was used poorly, this made the difference between best practices and poor use of the framework quite clear. Also prepared us well for the exam and let us fully think within a Scrum mindset to fully understand the ins and outs of the scrum Framework.

In short: A job well done by the facilitators of the training and they deserve a big recommendation to every one who wants to get familiar with Scrum.
Jim Bodin
.NET Developer & Scrum Master
Scrum isn't that hard to understand, but at the beginning you need to have a new mindset for it. The guys from scrum-facilitators uses, besides slides, posters, exercise-cards a simple but very effective way of showing you, that new mindset. They also use LEGO! It looks funny at the beginning, "Are we going to build something with LEGO?" But it gives you the correct mindset during that complete learning process of scrum. Thanks for the Scrum class!
Tjitske Wijnands - Veneberg
Functioneel Beheerder
Jasper, Hong and Swen made the training PSM Scrum Master I fun and interesting. And with their tips and best practices it was a course where everyone could feel included. They also spent time on listening en helping with practical issues that students brought up.

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